The Garage: The Most Misunderstood Room In The House

The garage is a misunderstood room in the house that has a thankless job. Always giving never taking. Why is it that in movies the garage always seems to get a bad rap? It is often made out to be one of the scariest places in the home.

My vote for scariest garage scene is the one from Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps. It still gives me the shivers every time I see it.


That may be the scariest garage scene, but my favorite garage scene has to be the one in the movie Scream where the lovely Tatum Riley battles Ghostface. She does a remarkable job of fighting him off with a freezer door and some handy beer bottles. Unfortunately for Tatum’s character she chooses an ill-fated escape route.

Then, of course, the garage becomes the number one suspect in the murder. Garages just “don’t get no respect.”


The truth is, I like this scene only because of the knockoff scene in the 2000 horror comedy parody film Scary Movie. Here, the incomparable Marissa Jaret Winokur faces the same opportunity to do in that wretched Ghostface. Alas, her character too chooses the same mistaken escape route and ultimately meets a similar end. Here at least, we get some good chuckles and possibly a belly laugh or two while watching the nightmarish battle ensue.


Make sure you don’t get the garage door squeeze – It has been known to ruin a person’s whole day. Send the garage doctor out to give your home a garage door checkup. Yes, they still make house calls. You’ll be very glad you did.

Best Doggie Movies

Most people understand that canines are terrific buddies, and it looks like Hollywood may have actually figured that out too. It’s no longer just classic movies like Lady and the Tramp that focus on pet dogs as primary characters, a lot of live-action motion pictures put these affectionate actors as stars in their own right. A few of these films brought in huge profits in ticket sales.

The film, Scooby-Doo, from 2002, was the biggest money making dog motion picture, possibly of all time. Created by Warner Bros., this adventure movie for the entire family, grossed more than $153 million domestically and another $122 million abroad, totaling over $275 million. Not bad earnings when the movies entire budget was only $84 million. In just the opening weekend, it generated $54 million across 3,000 theaters. That’s amounts to almost $16,000 each theater.

Marley and Me, from Fox, can be found at a close 2nd with a complete gross of nearly $243 million. Its foreign and domestic percentages of revenue resemble Scooby-Doo quite closely. However, this 2008 comedy about a charming pet dog that ruins the household that possesses him was not as effective as a weekend opener. Roughly one quarter of its total revenue came in that initial weekend, where Scooby-Doo was over one third of its total amount in the same time.

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Buena Vista created a live-action version of 101 Dalmatians in 1996, which was originally another childhood classic. It was initially launched to just under 3,000 theaters with almost $12,000 generated on the opening weekend, per theater. Composed and created by John Hughes, this motion picture had higher overseas revenues in comparison, gaining more than $184 million globally, a sum that stands for over half of its overall lifetime revenue of almost $321 million.

Buena Vista then went on, after a twelve year hiatus, to release another wildly popular doggy film with Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This one killed it with more than $149 million worldwide. This film generated nearly one third of that money in its very first weekend. It was released to over 3,000 theaters on that weekend so the average sales were roughly $9,000 per theater. Like the others we mention it was ranked number one for that weekend.

Cats & Dogs (from 2001) pitted pet enthusiasts versus each other in this comedy and adventure movie for the family that made $200 million around the world, generating almost one quarter of that in the initial weekend. This film grew stronger as it went along, it appears, although it had a good showing when it opened at number one. The majority of its total revenue came from overseas audiences.

2 years after the first Scooby-Doo blockbuster, Warner Bros. decided it was time to make another Scooby-Doo flick. The sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, was not able to compare with the revenue generation power of the first film, but still managed 6th on the graph for pet dog films with the biggest complete life time revenue. It ranked initially in the opening weekend as well, which saw the movie obtain more than one third of its later total amount.

Beginning with Homeward Bound all the way to White Fang, canine motion pictures stimulate audiences’ creative imagination, whether genuine or animation. Interestingly, a smash hit flick could also increase sales of a certain breed.

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My Secret Source of Movie Trailers and More

As a devout movie fan, I love movies! Like everyone else I have my favorite genres and within those favorite movies. Then, within those favorite movies there are a certain few that I am very passionate about. It is within those few that I consider myself a raving fanatic. I suspect it is the same with other movie fans.

As hardcore movie lovers and fans we need a source of high quality information about movies – past, present, and future. My favorite source of movie trailers and info has a ton of great info – movie trailers, cast (in unique ways), directors’ cuts, reviews, details of the original novel and a lot more.

It is the only source I know about that makes it easy to look up the cast by movie character and find out the name of the actor. I find this is really helpful for those minor roles where I just can’t remember the actors’ name.

Directors' Cuts

Directors’ Cuts

Probably my favorite feature of this site is the directors’ cuts. I love watching the directors’ cuts for my favorite movies. In truth, I spend way too much time on this site, much of it watching the directors’ cuts. I just like the behind the scenes insights it gives me into the characters, the actors, and what was really intended to be portrayed.

They have a long list of movies that they provide all this detailed information for. And the list is constantly growing to include the best of the new movies as well as reaching back in time to provide cool details about the best movies from the past.

I hardly ever recommend other sites, but if you want a sneak peak at my favorite source of awesome movie information you should really check them out. See . I’m pretty sure that once you check them out you will be hooked like I am.

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